Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My Children Aren't the Enemy to My Marriage (even when it feels like it)

After I read those words a few months ago I was simultaneously relieved and convicted. It can be a challenge indeed (and thank you to the great saint for recognizing that!) to remember that our children are the fruit and sign of our love not, as the culture, pop psychology, and sometimes even ourselves believe, a threat to it.

We know this, of course, during the beautiful moments, those moments when life is happy and seems to make sense. It’s a littler harder to believe when the sick toddler cancels the date night…when the cry of the baby again interrupts the intimate moment…when the daily grind of family life makes us extra prone to snapping at our spouse…when our cup feels empty and we’re desperately thirsty for a refill. It’s those times when it becomes more challenging and all the more necessary to believe with our thoughts and our actions that at the root of family life, it is not us against them. Our children are not the enemy...

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  1. Wow. That's one of the most powerful pieces of yours I've read. I'm going to need to chew on it for a bit. You are right, we are in the same team, all of us. Our family working together, not parents against children. And the whole growing in virtue thing? Ouch.


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