Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Blessing of Ben

I just have to share this kid with you a little bit.  If I could, I'd have you over to my house and you could see firsthand how much joy he is.  That would work better.  You can't not smile when he's looking at you and I'm certain it could lighten whatever load you're carrying, even if just a little itty bit.  He reminds us every day that God is here and there is reason for joy.

But for now, pictures will just have to do.

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I caught this shot when Ben was meeting his newest cousin and realizing his reign of baby of the family had been already usurped.  

Goofball.  He is the sweetest faced little goofball.

And always ready for a party, this one.

He didn't get to be born in water but he loves it nonetheless ;)  The last swim at Grandma's pool for the season.

And one of the (embarrassingly) few baths.  

Can you believe this guy's gonna be four months in just a few days?  Remember when I was all hugely pregnant and nervous and all how-in-the-heck-am-I-going-to-do-this?  I barely do.  Life flying, y'all.  But I can really honestly say that even though I know in a few years (heck, months) they'll be a memory, we've soaked in these newborn days as much as humanly possible.  He is such a gift to every single one of us.  This little person's existence in our home has been pure grace and joy.  God is so good.

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  1. Mary, I just love seeing your updates about the boys and how much joy you have for your new little one! You are a huge inspiration to me and your blog here has made my life so much richer. You constantly post things that are so thought-provoking that my husband and I will sit around and have a deep conversation about said topic! Thank you for living your vocation so beautifully and sharing it with us. I really can't seem to put into words how influential you've been in my young married life, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I wish distance (and the fact that I'm a total stranger) didn't separate us so I could come sit and chat with you and glean wisdom from you personally, but since I can't, I guess following your blog will suffice. :) Love your beautiful family and the joy this little internet space emits! Ben is so adorable and seems to be such a happy baby. Blessings on you all!

    -Hannah S.

    1. Oh, wow, Hannah! You're the sweetest! You're welcome to come visit in real life anytime…that would be amazing :)

  2. He's precious in every way - so glad I got to experience it first hand a couple months ago.

  3. He's so beautiful! Does his hair naturally stick up on top? It''s so cute!

    1. I can slick it down but I'm always playing with it while he's nursing so it stays up! My little Alfalfa :)

  4. People don't know what they're missing, when they give up having babies at two or three. I have eight, going on nine, and they are all of them such blessings in my life, rays of golden sunshine. I couldn't imagine any of them NOT existing!

    1. I'm learning that here! While the idea of welcoming another new child can be downright terrifying at times, there is not one of them that I can imagine living without. That's true with so many of the good things God might desire to give us.

  5. Oh, Ben is absolutely adorable!! Thanks you so much for sharing his latest photos!


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