Seven Lessons From Loss

That April it would have near impossible to understand.
That April I lost the little one within me for unknown reasons.  I felt empty and my heart bled with grief for the little child we would never know on this earth.  We cried.  We ached.  We buried our little child in the parish cemetery.  I remember a few weeks later sitting at the dining room table alone in the house except for the two year old playing in the next room and my body convulsed from the sobs as the tears puddled onto the wood.  We grieved that little one and in those raw moments it felt like it would always be that way.
I had heard it said that we would never forget but that time would soothe the rawness of grief.  They were right.  That baby will always be remembered in our family but I no longer feel those deep achings of grief.  I never would have thought it in those bleeding moments but I see now how God used that grief to help us to grow and that there were lessons in store for me that I’m not sure I would have otherwise learned.  While I would never suggest this to someone in the throes of their ache and I don’t believe He actively wills them, God can redeem those tragedies and pull good from them.  For my own heart, part of that was learning a few different things that I now know I needed to learn

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