Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Praying today for those affected by the terror attack in Boston and for our country, our world, our enemies, everything...you know the drill.  Lord, have mercy and please come soon.  Hugging and appreciating my eight year old boy just a little bit more intentionally today.

Yesterday was our very first beautiful SPRING day and it was so wonderful to get outside, to hang sheets on the line, to breathe real air, to open the windows, chase chickens out of the slowly emerging flowers and to even get the metal bin of winter filth known as our van vacuumed out.  It's time to remind myself once again that life is good.  So very very good even when steeped in tragedy and heartbreak and exhaustion and chores.  We are blessed.

Today we're back to gray skies which is okay because we've got some school projects we need to work on before a creative fair this weekend.  The rest of this week is busy with meetings and school things and baseball and singing in a memorial concert for my chorale teacher.  All good.  All busy.
Oh, and hey, today I'm also over with Haley at Carrots for Michaelmas guest posting a bit about our experiences with NFP!  I'm talking a bit more about using MyFertilityMD as a followup to my previous review.  Feel free to click on over and say hi!
(And no mocking my goofy bio pic.  Self-conscious photo plus eight year old photographer = that.)

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  1. Your clothesline is beautiful! I know that's weird to say, but I've wanted one forever in our (not-so-big) backyard, but haven't gotten around to figuring out the construction (not very big backyard, slopes, etc.). There i something so pretty about clothes, especially white ones, on the line!


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