Wednesday, March 21, 2012

True Beauty

There are people you meet that seep joy and peace and Christ.  
The kind who look you straight in the eye and you feel prompted to spill your soul to them.  They radiate beauty and they radiate Him.

I got to briefly meet one of these people the other day.  Mother Olga Yaqob was one of the presenters at the women's conference I attended over the weekend.  I had actually never heard of her.  She is a tiny Iraqi woman, forty five years old (though she looks so much younger) and she has been dubbed "The Mother Teresa of Baghdad."  She gave her life since her teen years to serving Christ in the poor and suffering.  And she is beautiful.  Her story of living through three wars was devastating and yet she talked continuously about how the Lord makes all things new.  She joined the Missionaries of the Virgin Mary as a young girl and in 2001, began studies in Boston.  She was then asked by Cardinal Sean O'Malley to begin a new order, The Daughters of Mary, Our Lady of Nazareth.

While I was wandering the back during the first talk of the day entertaining Luke, she came up to me and asked to hold him.  And the event photographer happened to walk up right then and he got to sneak in some pictures.  She just gushed over my Luke and he talked right back to her and I felt so privileged to have such a holy woman holding my little one.  She spoke to my heart, too, staring straight into my eyes and I felt like I had met Christ Himself.  And I'm pretty sure in some mystical way, that is what happened.

Thank you, Jesus, for women like Mother Olga.

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  1. Oh My!
    Mother Olga is one of our favorite people. Such peace when near her. You were so correct - it is just like being in the presence of Jesus when with her.
    What a blessing for her to have some time with Luke!


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