Monday, January 23, 2012

Luke at Six Weeks

Since we've been quarantined for quite some time, it makes me sad that my friends and family have not been privy to the extreme cuteness I get to witness on a daily basis.  Six weeks old already?  Yep, and time can stop for a while now because I'm just not that certain that I want this sweet angel of a baby to keep going yet.  He's smiling now and is almost always content.  He has been so easy on us so far (fingers crossed).  Just this morning I was holding him and he was looking tired and getting a bit fussy so I laid him down AND HE WENT TO SLEEP.  Seriously.  I thought those babies were the stuff of unicorns and leprechauns or at least the result of sleep-deprived deluded parents but no, these babies exist and I think I got one.  Or maybe I'm just sleep-deprived and deluded...possible.  But it's good, so, so good so I'll enjoy it either way.  The boy just makes my heart melt.  So here's a few pics of my little Luke just so you can melt, too, but really, he is SO much better in person :)

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  1. I'm melting. 6 weeks already?!?! How can that be? Tell him he's not allowed to get any bigger until we see him.

  2. Oh Mary- he's getting so big! he is so cute- I can't wait to see him again, I miss all of you guys!

  3. I can't believe how he's changing and growing! Such a happy, handsome little guy! I'm so glad that he's such a peaceful, contented baby and how merciful that it's the 4th! (Sorry Kelly!) I can't wait to see him!!

  4. He's beautiful Mary! I'm sitting here smiling Just looking at his sweet little smiles!

  5. He's precious!!!! Time is flying with these babies!


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