Friday, January 20, 2012

Baptism Cake Link-Up

Catholic Cuisine has a Baptism cake link up that I think I'm joining.  I learned cake decorating shortly after high school working at a local burger and ice cream joint.  I was in charge of making the ice cream cakes both the stock and the special orders.  It was one of my all time favorite jobs.  When John Paul was born I reawakened my inner cake decorator and for Baptisms and birthdays the boys have received a special homemade cake.  The Baptism cakes aren't all that inventive but I think that's the wisest course considering they need to be made at only a few weeks postpartum, right?

John Paul's Cake - a simple two layer round cake with white frosting and light blue accents

Michael's Cake (a bit blurry, sorry!) - I bought a Wilton cross pan when a friend asked me make a cake for her daughter's Baptism...that thing has been well used for many a Baptism, First Communion, and Easter.  Blue and gold used to honor the Blessed Mother.

And David's...which looks a whole lot like Michael's ;)  I may have lost my creative touch with the cross after doing so many of them!

Luke's Cake

My kids have been dye-free for years now but I did occassionally still use them just to make things look 'right' and just didn't let them eat the colored parts.  I have a goal now of not using them for any more cakes and stretching my creativity a bit.  This time I tried an all cream motif, which I rather liked.  I also needed to make this one as simple as possible for my own sake as we battled illness in the house and had a guest in town!  I can't say I was super motivated to do this one but guilted myself into it since the other boys had had a fancy cake...can't let the little guy feel slighted, y'know.

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  1. Beautiful Cakes, all of them! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. God bless!

  2. lovely creations!

    i have a john paul, too. except his is the italian version.

    may God Bless your beautiful family.

    pax Christi,
    p.s. i'm a new follower! :-)

  3. Thanks, Christi, and welcome! I know of more and more John Pauls around now, especially since JPII's death and I love hearing all the variations!


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