Monday, November 28, 2011


John Paul and Michael were having a discussion while crafting and this was the only part I heard...

John Paul:  "No, you can only be a mama if you're married.  You can be married and not have kids and then you're not a mama.  But you can't have a baby if you're not married.  Only Mary had a baby when she wasn't married and that was impossible."

Oh, how I love their innocence.  Dear God, please give me the words I need at the time they are needed to explain these things well.  And thank you for guarding their innocence thus far when they have so many examples around them of things that aren't in Your plan.  I'm still amazed that despite how bright they are (at least this unbiased mama thinks so!), they still have not figured out that having three sets of grandparents doesn't really add up.  I love that they have learned how things are supposed to be before learning the ways that deviate from God's original design.  I really think that is so important in forming a good conscience and understanding of the learn the rule before learning the exception.  But eventually, and probably soon, they will learn how things don't go as planned and I pray for the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit when that time comes that we may explain the things that we ourselves don't fully understand with love, mercy, and truth.

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