Monday, March 28, 2011

Late March Daybook

Outside My Window: The sun is just beginning to peek up and it looks like clear blue skies this morning. Still very cold with snow on the ground and we are more than ready for a real spring. That little tease a few weeks ago was wonderful...but still a tease!

I am Listening to: The hum of the baby monitor as David sleeps and the rest is quiet.

I am Grateful for: Sisters...the differences, the struggles, the bonds. For a husband with grand plans that make me laugh but fill me with joy.

I am Pondering: "What hope can we have of being able to rest in other people's homes if we cannot rest in our own?" -St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle

I am Reading: Why, St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle, fancy that! This is a book I've had in my possession for years and picked up and put down several times throughout that time. I think this time, I'm going to make myself focus enough to get through the depth, however slowly that happens.

I am Thinking: About relationships, planning days, the people of Japan, spring. And this blog...what I want it to be, what is prudent to share, how to write again!

I am Creating: I'm working on knitting the last winter hat for the boys...for John Paul who asked for one that matches Michael's and Papa's. What? There's still snow on the ground outside :) I'm not sure I have enough yard on the skein to finish it, though! This knitting thing is brand new and quite fun, though I have yet to knit anything beyond a hat. I think I've made six so far. Next step may be attempting a sweater.

I am Teaching: I am working on doing better with focusing real time on history. It's not one of my favorite subjects, not due to lack of interest, but more because I feel so inadequate to teach it. I try to comfort myself for my own lack of historical knowledge by declaring that we shall all learn these things together and enjoy that discovery and learning as a family. It's still a struggle, though!

Our other studies are coming along. John Paul with his Latin, math, spelling...Michael with his beginning phonics and figuring out how to write letters and his very own math book that he received for his birthday.

Towards Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: Working on finishing with the last details of painting the living room and dining room. And devoting myself to the Liturgy of the Hours, at least, Morning and Evening Prayers.

Living the Liturgical Year: It was neat to discover that we have exactly 14 steps to our upstairs. I acquired a cardstock set of the Stations of the Cross at a school closing sale a few years ago. Each step now has one station hung next to it and we have been praying them as a family each Friday as we make our way upstairs to bring the boys to bed. Pretty neat.

Around the House: The living area is almost finished with its new coat of "Irish Mist". It's supposed to be a very very light shade of gray. It looks creamier than I had hoped but a thousand times better than the peachy-beige that we inherited when we moved here! So much brighter and cleaner! In yard news, we soon need to begin getting serious with planting our first indoor seeds for the vegetable garden. We're also trying to figure out a way to fence in the majority of our backyard so we can safely let the chickens roam...and keep our yard a bit more private :)

One of my Favorite Things: The fact that my boys have had an awful hard time not using the "A" word during Lent...they love to hum, especially hymns, and one of their favorites is a special one for Easter time that has a lot of that word in it!

A Picture Thought to Share:

Our Tease of Spring

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Solemnity - The Annunciation

Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation!

What a beautiful day we get to celebrate in our Church today! Nine months before Christmas, we recollect and ponder the mystery of the Incarnation...God truly becoming flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin. Mary, the new Eve, giving her yes and reversing Eve's no. I once heard that either in days past or in maybe within the Eastern Churches that this day was once considered a greater celebration than Christmas itself. And I can see the reasoning behind that. As a people who believe that the moment of conception itself is when life is created, how could we not celebrate this moment when the Son of God takes on flesh in order to redeem His beloved creation? What joy, what hope, what promise the Annunciation stirs within us! I made 'egg in the hole' for breakfast for the boys. Why, you may ask? Well, just like the egg sits hidden inside the bread, so did Mary hide that new life within her womb. My boys also got a kick out of the fact that the egg yolk looks like the sun...ahem, like the Son...get it? :)

For a snack we will have popcorn. Last year our homeschool group happened to have our gym day on this Feast. For snack I thought up bagging up snack-size portions of white popcorn and included in each bag was a little tag that read:

"Just as the pure white popcorn hides the tiny seed from which it came,so our most pure Mary hid the tiny Baby Jesus within her womb.  How much our God must love us to become as little as that tiny seed so that He could save us! Happy Annunciation!"

So we will be enjoying some "Annunciation Popcorn" today as a special treat!

For dinner, we will feast on something "hidden". Last year, we had stromboli and homemade chicken wings. Our stromboli represented Mary hiding a surprise inside and the chicken wings represented the wings of the angel Gabriel. How our Lady must love being compared to a stromboli! Oh, and just so you know, canon 1251 declares that when a solemnity falls on a Friday (even during Lent!) that it is not a day of penance and therefore, abstinence is not obligatory. In my mind that means to be in keeping with the mind and liturgical life of the Church that we should definitely be observing this as a true FEAST day!  I thought about making some cookies with a treat hidden inside for dessert. We'll have to see what I have in the cupboards.

Mary, please pray for us this day!
May we all give our unguarded fiat to the Lord's call upon our lives as you did on that day that changed the world. And may we never forget the humility and unbounded love of our Lord who was willing to become one of us in every way but sin.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the Beginning...

This is the blog I've had in my head for over a year now. At least, that's what it's meant to be. I have been wanting to do this for a while, ever since I got sucked into following certain blogs and realized the beauty of what those bloggers were doing. So, here's mine. My attempt at putting into writing the ongoing conversations I have in my head throughout the day. My attempt to chronicle our daily adventures in home education and baby raising and living an intentionally Catholic life. There are so many things I want this blog to be and this melancholic-choleric personality of mine has kept me from even beginning it in the fear that I couldn't follow through and do it perfectly. And I know it will be far from perfect. I'm not in the least tech-savvy. I have no idea what a linkie is or what it means to 'follow' someone but I suppose I will sort it all out eventually. This is an occasion of courage for me to put myself out here where I can be seen and read...But here I am and here I go. I pray that these ruminatings will be a place for memories, thoughts, opinions, gratitude, reflections...a place where I can put my thoughts into words and help capture the moments and thoughts that are so easily forgotten. May these humble ramblings somehow enable me to grow in holiness and awareness of Him. May it help my family to live the life to which we are called, the life to which HE calls and has opened up to us. A life that is truly Better Than Eden.

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