Friday, October 21, 2016

Saint Costumes 101 (and a whole bunch of All Saints' ideas for boys!)

Have an All Saints' celebration coming up?  I love that we've chosen to keep the emphasis this time of year on the saints and the true feast.  Our costumes and annual party are an attempt at that goal. This is my eleventh year dressing boy saints on the cheap and I've culminated some tricks and tips along the way!  If you're not convinced you can pull off a good looking saint costume for your kiddo, I promise it isn't that hard.  If I can do it, pretty much I bet you can, too.  Beneath this list of tips are a round up of some of our saints over the years.  Please let me know if you could use any behind the scenes notes or details and I'll be happy to answer in the comments.  But overall, here are a few costume-making pointers I've picked up over the years:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

lately. {one}

In an attempt to find the balance between capturing the moments and memories I want to record and not oversharing with the world plus not having the time to do it anyway, here's lately.  A non-obligatory, post-when-I-feel-like-it photo dump memory collection attempt with maybe some commentary and thoughts and tips thrown in the midst.  A little pictogram of life here lately.  Come on over and let's catch up...

Monday, October 17, 2016

18 Ways to Honor Saint Luke

On October 18 we celebrate the feast of the great evangelist Saint Luke.  Without him or the other Gospel writers, can you even imagine?  The world as we know it would be so very different!  We owe so much to all of them and are so in debt to the ways that they listened to the Holy Spirit and shared with us the life of our Lord.  The symbol for Saint Luke is the ox.  He was an unmarried man who devoted himself to the spreading of the Gospel with Saint Paul and recording the life of Christ and the early Church.  He is thought to have had a close relationship with Mary since there is so much in his Gospel from her perspective.  He was an educated Greek, trained as a writer, a physician, and an artist who lived to the old age of 84.  He may have been martyred but it's unclear whether that's true or not.

His feast day has become especially important to our family since we got our own ox-like little Luke just about five years ago.  I've been thinking up some more ways to honor the great saint on his feast day.  So behold my 18 ways to honor the great Saint Luke:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Visit to Panama Rocks

A few days ago we got the chance to stop at the beautiful Panama Rocks on our way back home from a weekend away with the husband's family.  I'd been here years before in high school and my oldest has been begging to go since I told him about it a few months ago.  We had such a fun time climbing the cliffs, exploring caves, and averting major injury.  The hobbits tracked orcs to slay and discovered elven forests to pass through.  Gollum scurried through the cliffs and Shelob was narrowly escaped. In other words, the boys made themselves right at home.  It's since been decided that we need to live here.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We Met at an Altar.

I sometimes forget we met at an altar.

As Catholics, man and woman don't meet in a field or on the beach, in a forest or under the local golf course trellis.  We meet at the altar.  The structure for sacrifice.  Perhaps, so used we are to seeing them, we forget.  It is an ancient construct, one that -if we haven't forgotten- calls to mind sacrifice and death.  It is a table where life is lost and blood is spilled.  It is there - there! - where we vow our lives to each other completely, witnessed by family and friends and an ordained minister of the Church until death do us part.  Before a table of sacrifice, the Sacrifice.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Briefest of Road Trip Recaps

We just got back from a whirlwind of a road trip hence the blog silence of late.  Traveling with five littles takes mucho preparation for me and then there's the post trip haze to come out of.  We drove through six states and Canada for a family wedding, making a few stops along the way.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Things You Need to Invent (so I don't have to)

Do you watch Shark Tank?  I don't watch it religiously but I really love the idea of inventors and entrepreneurs coming up with an amazing idea and getting their huge moment to pitch their ideas with the hope of making a deal and bringing their dream to life.  Except the sharks are always wrong and every time I think ohmygoodness that is the best idea EVER they HAVE to get a deal, the sharks are all, "eh, your packaging is bad and licensing stuff."  

I've had SO many amazing ideas that should see the light of day but ALAS, you guys.  I don't have the time or "capital" to make them happen.  This is where you come in. This is where you take one of my ideas and for the good of humanity, you make it happen.  You may also make millions of dollars and maybe give me a cut for thinking of it.  Let's get to it.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Accepting What Your Homeschool Isn't

I was dreading the beginning of lessons with the boys.  At first I just thought it was because the glitter had worn off my homeschool eyes.  It's not exciting and novel anymore.  Not really at all.  Freshly ordered textbooks arriving in the mail carry with them the weight of knowing we actually have to do something with them.  I half-heartedly sharpened a new box of pencils knowing that within a week they'd be ugly and broken just like the rest of them.  It was also partly plain ol' teething toddler exhaustion, I knew.  I've been tired to the bone enough times by now to remember that the seasons of sleep deprivation will pass and that the way they darkly color my vision of life will be healed with a few good nights of sleep.

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